Doc, My tooth Stings!

tooth-painOral Health/ Sensitive Teeth: 

Oral health and hygiene is given top priority when it comes to health and regime. That’s because oral health is the first to face every body you meet. What I mean here is, when you go into talking to anybody the oral hygiene is what will make the first impression. So, this makes it very important. Oral health consists of proper functioning of gums, teeth and the whole of that region. Proper health marks healthy teeth and gums.

Often people suffer from sensitive teeth and bruxism.

  • Sensitive teeth may be due to the incapability of bearing the cold sensation around it happens when the teeth comes in contact with cold water or ice. The individual often finds it difficult to bear the sensation. There are could be possible reasons for this. To mention, cavities and poor calcium intake can lead to such situation. Calcium deposits constitute the enamel of tooth. Enamel is a vital part and any loss to that would affect the tooth fitness. Cavities will open up the dental roots and expose the nerve lines. This will again cause severe cold sensitivity and often pain.
  • Bruxism is a phenomenon where there is excessive grinding of teeth without the knowledge of the individual. This is different from that happens during eating. This is a syndrome with minimal symptoms and often goes unnoticed. Upon prolonging it could affect dental health severely causing hypersensitive teeth, pain in jaw muscles and often headaches. There are two different types of bruxism; “sleep bruxism” and “awaken bruxism”. In both the cases, the damages are same. With such a condition the wear and tear of the teeth increases and could lead to severe damages. The stress factor of the tooth has permissible limits and all should stick to that.

Almost, all the gum tooth problems are due to poor hygiene and routine. Gum problems will only surface when the environment for the infectious agents become conducive. Basic oral health guidelines will rule out most of the problem agents. The oral health guidelines are the most basic ones, namely:

  •  Intake enough calcium to maintain the tooth enamel consistency.
  •  Brush teeth after every meal or at least two times and floss once a day.
  •  Avoid exposure to liquids that are reactive to calcium.
  •  Often go for a routine dental checkup.

Your smile is merry when your teeth are healthy.


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