Different Dental Emergencies call for different actions. Be sure to keep this handy with other first aid information and supplies.


How to Act

Toothache - Rinse your mouth with warm water.
- Place cold compress, if there is swelling on outside of the check.
- Use Dental Floss to remove any food trapped between teeth. Do not use sharp objects.
- Take over the counter pain medications for relief.
- See the dentist as soon as possible.
Broken Tooth - Gently clean debris from the injured area with warm water.
- Place cold compress on the face to minimize swelling.
- Go to the dentist immediately!
- Apply pressure to the bleeding area, if any.
Knocked-out Tooth - If the tooth is dirty, rinse gently with water. DO NOT SCRUB IT!
- Do not try to put the baby tooth back in the socket. Store it in cold milk or water.
- Try to gently insert the permanent tooth back in the socket. Do not force the tooth. Store it in clod milk or water, If this isn’t possible.
- Go to the dentist immediately and don’t forget to take the tooth with you.
Bitten Lip or Tongue - Apply pressure to the bleeding area with the gauze/clean cloth.
- Use cold compress, if swelling is present.
- If bleeding continues, go to the Hospital Emergency Room.
Object Wedged Between Teeth - Use Dental Floss to remove the object. Do not use sharp instruments
- See the dentist, if you can not remove the object yourself.

Quick Tip:
A properly fitted mouthguard is an important piece of athletic gear that can protect your teeth and smile. Mouhtguards are recommended for any recreational activity that poses a risk for injury to the mouth. Consult your dentist for getting a mouthguard to avoid many possible dental emergencies.

If you have more questions regarding Dental Emergencies please feel free to call our office at 510-796-1656 or write us at info@smileplusdentistry.com and we’ll be glad to provide you more details.