Craving to chew ice? You are not alone!


If you crave to chew ice and don’t know why, here is what you want to know about your craving.

Chewing ice can be a symptom of iron-deficiency anemia. Even though the reason behind this co-relation is not properly understood, There’s enough evidence to suggest that you should see your doctor for a blood test. If your iron level is low due to deficiency, simple solution is to take supplements to restore your iron level. You should also eat foods that are iron-rich, such as cereal, beans, spinach and tofu, just to name a few.

Chewing ice is a specific form of pica, or the practice of eating nonfood items including metal or paper, and is frequently found to be a symptom of iron-deficiency anemia. Pica is particularly common among young women because anemia, or low levels of red blood cells, is often the result of blood loss, which pre-menopausal women experience with both menstruation and childbirth.

Chewing on ice can cause severe wear on the enamel surfaces covering the tooth, making them prone to sensitivity and cavities. If your teeth are worn or chipped already, the ice can crack and damage the tooth structure.

So next time you crave to chew ice, think twice and consider checking with your doctor for iron-deficiency and take supplements if needed.


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